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Svaroopa Styles

Class Style Descriptions 

For People Who Want More From Yoga Than Just Looking Good

Do you already know that you need a gentle yoga style because you know your body?
What it needs, what it can handle. And what it can't.

Perhaps you've already tried a class and found it too intense or too hot or too something that was
just not quite right...I understand, I've been there.

Svaroopa® style yoga is for students who are stiff, out-of-shape, or who have limiting health conditions
My training as a nurse helps in assessing the classes, the poses and approach
which will yield the most effective results in the safest way.

Years of experience in handling human bodies give me an edge over
instructors who are learning about anatomy for the first time.

Svaroopa® style yoga is a gentle yoga approach,
designed to unravel the deepest tensions in your body...it is a process.
The muscles wrapped so tightly around your spine did not get tight over night.
They're not going to release over night either.
You are never asked to force or push your body.
Chances are you do enough of that already.

A Different Approach For Different Results
The only way to feel it is to experience it for yourself!

If you are looking for an easy way to keep your body comfortable,
your mind quiet and your heart open - I am glad you found your way to my site.
Since our minds, bodies and emotions are all connected,
why not learn a system for managing all of them, all at the same time?
Few of us have a lot of extra time on our hands these days.
Most of our lives are lived at warp speed. We may not be consciously aware
of what we are missing by not taking time to get off the treadmill. But we do miss it.

When people take a Svaroopa® style yoga class, they remember why it's so important.
Your heart rate slows. And your breath. Muscles soften. Thoughts don't dominate.
It's not a luxury to be aware of our bodies in a rich and deep way.
It's an essential need that most of us have gotten in the habit of ignoring.

If you want to learn an ancient system for reconnecting with the deepest parts of yourself,

You can learn:
Guided awarenesses • Breathing practice • Poses/asanas
• How to hear that quiet inner voice.
• How to live deeply connected to each moment of your life.

My hope is that you will be inspired to experience it for yourself.

Svaroopa® Yoga

Svaroopa® Yoga is a modern expression of yoga's ancient tradition
of opening the spine for the purpose of delving into the deeper dimension of your own existence.

Svaroopa® Yoga targets the internal structures of your body
to unravel the deepest knots of muscular tension resulting in "core opening" or "spinal release."

Using precise alignment in body-friendly ways,
these yoga poses release tensions in your deep spinal muscles, from the tail to the top.

Svaroopa® Yoga is both a precise and compassionate yoga practice
created for the purpose of healing, transformation and transcendent experience.

Class Style Descriptions

The first step for students new to Svaroopa® yoga! All new students are beginning their yoga journey and learn the foundational poses. Right from the start they begin learning poses which will reliably reduce physical and mental stress and have you enjoying life once again.

A standard Svaroopa® class with a full spectrum of poses and angles, demonstrations, explanations and hands on assistance. This is the next step after taking a newcomer series. Continuing level classes have monthly themes in order to take students through a large variety of poses safely and effectively while maximizing relief of physical and mental stress. For all levels of ability. Themes include daily Practice, Lower Spinal Release, Upper Spinal Release, Abdominals!, Back Bends, Standing Poses, Forward Bends, Balance and Inversions, Classical Poses, Seated Poses and Twists and Vinyasa.

Continuing Plus:
An intermediate level class for students who have been taking regular Svaroopa® classes for at least 18 months. And a home practice is strongly encouraged. Permission from instructor required to attend this class.

A more advanced level for students who have been practicing Svaroopa® yoga at least 2 full years and have a home practice. Must have permission from instructor to attend.

For all those who think they can't do yoga because of a physical limitation!
This class has only a few students and moves at a slower pace in order to accommodate each person’s special needs with substitute poses or special propping. This class is specific for students with a medical diagnosis, those who have difficulty "doing a regular day", those with increased stiffness or individuals anticipating or recovering from surgery.

Yoga For Your Back:
A series designed to teach students simple but precise ways to immediately ease chronic pain of those suffering from back, hip and/or neck and shoulder pain. Why continue to live with pain when you can learn what you can do to take care of yourself? A video for home practice is included.

Learn to Meditate

Have you been curious about meditation for a while?
Have you tried to meditate but just "couldn’t"?
Did you meditate a long time ago and need a refresher?

You can learn:
Tools and techniques that propel you into meditation immediately in your first class.
Instruction and practice on how to find a comfortable sitting pose to optimize your meditation.
Philosophy based in yoga’s ancient teachings.
Support in understanding your experiences.
Give you different and more powerful tools to dive into meditation.
Provide new information on Svaroopa Vidya Meditation and its lineage.
Open you to a deeper experience of your own Self
Teach you how to live your life anchored in your own Self.
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